Business – Need a Business Idea? The Best Way to Find One Is to Stop Looking.


Instead, go about your normal routine and figure out how you can improve your own life.



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  2. In reality as a normal person in the states. Having great ideas and inventions is very difficult if you have NO ONE to connect with. Help with suggestions if u think this a lie 😒 …of course we can dream and all “make it” blah blah. But I am speaking of ideas and inventions and WHO TO GO TO to get where u need to be…

  3. Just give me profitable business idea. I rather feel miserable but bath in money. Literally. I totally need golden business idea that can bring me at least 5 figure net income per year.

  4. "SFI has taught me so much about ways learn and earn. It has made a big difference and my success is building. Being part of SFI has given me the skills and confidence to grow and develop."

  5. I have an idea of something that's not being done at all and another that is being done but there is still avoid in the area and room for someone to step in
    I think I need a co-founder

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  8. He is a fake entrepreneur. He just uses words and ideas which are familiar to common people and put them in sentences. This sounds fascinating to common (average) because this is what they wanna hear. But, it looks like he is just a pretend entrepreneur.


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