Business – British Airways 747 Business Class. Who designed this seat??


Who designed this seat????

There are some fantastically well designed business class seats in the sky today – unfortunately British Airways doesn’t have any of them.

On this flight review video I road test British Airways business class which they like to call Club World. I cover boarding, take off, the infamous British Airways business class seat, inflight dining and entertainment.

Sorry the camera is a bit shaky on this one – I was transferring from Egypt so the electronics ban meant I couldn’t use my normal camera.

More info:

Here’s the link to Oliver Edwards’ YouTube channel:

Flight: BA179
Route: Heathrow to New York JFK – 8.05 hours
When: May 2017
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 registration GBVGC
Seat: 22A
Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7



  1. Looks like you have to climb over the other seat to go to the toilet due to the seat design with the bench footrest. This is very poor for the amount of money spent on the seat and bad for the passenger you climb over.
    Shame on you BA you need to improve dramatically

  2. People have got to be very bored with their lives so they sit and watch others…… like I just did. These reviews are countless. Reviewing the same thing 4,000 other people did before them. I’m going to start a channel of my own and film myself doing everything…….working, getting gas, eating, sleeping…..leaving a shit!

  3. 2-4-2 configuration in business class on a 747-400 I can’t stop laughing LOOLOLLLOL ok I get it the design is horrible to modern standards but a 2-4-2 really why so many seats per row

  4. This seat was designed over 10 years ago and was the first fully flat business class seat in the skies. British Airways are launching new business class, cabin crew uniforms, ground ops uniforms and the pilot uniforms in late 2019. There also may be a logo change meaning new liveries. This is all to do with their 100th anniversary. We should be proud of BA and not insult it.

  5. Well, to be fair BA does have some nice business class seats… Only available on some A321 Club World cabins where each row is 1 – 2 alternating. Unfortunately the design you showed is what is on the majority of their fleet

  6. service is great, but as the presenter said the seat arrangement is a disaster, I am writing today 1 September 2018 more than a year after this video was made, and still the same arrangement in virtually all their planes,
    additionally, if you pay for business class it doesn't mean you will get business class, if you have not reserved your seat, ( BA charges for this, except 24 hours before departure, then they will allow you to choose your seat,) and if the business class is overbooked, you will be downgraded when you arrive at the airport,

    Food also is a disaster,

  7. BA offers some great deals on Business Class and can afford to when they pack them in with 7 seats abreast compared to 4 or 5 on Singapore or Qantas. That’s the secret and it seems to be working as they seem to fill those seats presumably with entry level Biz Class travellers.


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