Travel – Proof that Time Travel is Real and already Happening [FULL VIDEO]


Time travel is real and this video will prove it. It is still one of the most mysterious science fiction theories out there today. Many believe the government hast the ability to time travel but aren’t yet sharing it with the public. Would have been contacted by someone from the future! Perhaps we have! Every so often, someone might notice a picture that just doesn’t seem right throughout history. Here is a collection of evidence that proves time travel exists! Would you believe that there are time machines already made.

This video examines the past, present and future states of time-travel research, but, also, looks at the bizarre anomalies of time itself. The fact is, time travel has tantalised humans for millennia. We can send humans into space, but roaming through time has eluded us. Do the laws of physics demand that we stay forever trapped in the present? .
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  1. If there's time travel, l can go back in time and make myself wear esrplugs so l don't get tinitus in the future, that l suffer from right now, and l'm slowly getting ever so angry at myself for being so stupid in the past, but l believe l will forgive myself & get on with my life, but l'm glad there's time travel, coz maybe a timetraveller can give me a break & take me back in time to stop all the bad habits l had, it would be very much appreciated luv this post it give hope false hope for now, but hope for the future woopee!

  2. well thats all we need. more americans hurling themselves through time. i bet they went back in time and went to all that trouble to invent sausages and didnt quite manage to do it then came back gutted and invented beef jerky and sasquatch hunting (sasquatch even sounds a bit sausagey)

  3. Most know what gravity is and what it does, but one cannot tell how is works, Time has the similar explanation, we know what space is and what space is not. A theory is just a guess, which most keep as truth for the time being.

  4. Albert Einstein, genius…stopped watching, right there.
    Einstein is a media creation, "his" theories were the theories of Poincare, Michelson, and others, who postulated it all before. He was a violent man, who beat his first wife, divorced her, married his cousin, then beat her. He disowned his children and left them nothing.
    He failed his first college entry exams, he was no genius.

  5. They always bring up that clip from the film the circus and say it is a time traveller with a cell phone ? There was no cell phone towers in that era so even if you could travel back in time the phone would be useless,, as there are no transmitters and recievers built for mobile phones ,,, I also wonder if you could travel back to a few years would you be able to call people ? You probably could but telling the call receiver your two years in past time travel they would think your nuts and would you be able to call yourself ? Because you existed in the past so what would happen if you met yourself ?? Now that would be weird !! Having a conversation with yourself lol,,, I don't think time travel will ever be more than a fancy full and wishful idea ? The only story that sticks out to me is the man who was a runner and his friends drive behind him back in the old days and they saw him lurch forward and scream then disappear and never seen again!?? Two witnesses and his foot prints stopped where he disappeared and maybe he fell into another dimension and I bet there are people who claim to be time travellers in the nut house and locked away in secret ect,, but apart from the story I know about the running man ect I don't think technology can get us to time travel ,,,

  6. Lady in 1928 film is blocking the sun from her eyes. turns when she notices she is being filmed. She's talking with the person she is with. Probably saying "slow down I can't keep up…hey look there's a camera over there." You can see him walking in front of her……duhhh

  7. I never gave much thought to time travel and didn't really think it was possible but then I had a nde and saw a lot of different things and time travel was one of them. I saw the government was already doing it. The people who went were called jumpers. I now believe it.

  8. Okay come on guys we can do this, lets get this drinking game underway. Pours whisky shots in a row Every time he mentions one of his books you knock it back. I believe in you.

  9. Lol at these time travel idiots who are too stupid to understand just the basic fact that the earth is speeding along through the galaxy at 828,000 km/hr, and every year we travel 7,253,280,000 km through space, that's over 4.5 billion miles. So if I were to travel 1 year back in time, I would end up floating in space 8.5 billion miles away from here. Morons

  10. Can't you guys stop by my place anytime soon? I would appreciate that a lot! Can I become a time traveller too? That – if anything – would proof to me that time travelling is possible! I'm living in Ramdala, Karlskrona, Sweden. Have a nice day.

  11. I told ppl that time travel is impossible. Then ppl asked me how do i know? I told them it can't be explained when we are still in this massive body… That can only be explained when we are soul to soul…

  12. if you travel to the future is because it took you a second to travel to light speed.
    but here on earth passed 20 years while it was only one second for you.
    you will find your friends and family older but …you will never find or see yourself.
    but time travel to the past has to be imposible. its just cant go against the laws of nature.
    its like saying that somewhere there is a plasma record of you that you can access and visit only if you go to light speed or through a portal?
    so my matter duplicates when i time travel????
    if we so…we do live in a matrix


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