Travel – Female Travel In India – Is It Safe? And Should You Do Slum Tourism?


As a traveler, India can be both overwhelming and exciting, especially if you’re a woman. There has been a lot of discussion about the safety of women traveling in India, but what are the realities? Join Caroline Pemberton from World Nomads as she meets inspirational local women, discovering that while India can be challenging, it is an overwhelmingly hospitable and safe place to travel. Caroline also visits Dharavi in Mumbai, the largest slum in Asia, and discovers a rich tapestry of local people, businesses, and entrepreneurship.

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Presenter: Caroline Pemberton

Director and Producer: Yasmin Bright

Production Co-ordination: Pearse Moran

Cinematography and Videography: Julian Manrique and Carlos Torres

Story Editing: Yasmin Bright

Visual Editing: Julian Manrique, Efrain Terriba and Juan Felipe Olave Fajardo

Sound Design and Audio Post Production: Daniel Murcia Adarraga

Graphics: Efrain Terriba

Indian production consulting: Eeshit Narain and Shriya Pilgaonkar

Series Director and Executive Producer: Jesse Chard



  1. India is such a diverse country, its a sub-continent. And with a huge population of people and disparity among the sex-ration its bound to have certain areas that are not safe, not just for woman but men alike. We do understand these issues and the law enforcement authority works day-night to keep our cities safe. Its is our collective responsibilities to keep our streets safe and we acknowledge the problems women face. On a bright side, per capita rape cases is low comparable to Canada as per wikipedia,_world.jpg . As an Indian I encourage more and more foreign nationals to visit India including solo adventures, because there is something for everybody here. Welcome to Incredible India.

  2. More than 68,000 rape cases from 2009-11, but only 16,000 convicted . Rape cases against internationals have led several countries to issue travel advisories that "women travelers should exercise caution when travelling in India even if they are travelling in a group; avoid hailing taxis from streets or using public transport at night, and to respect local dress codes and customs and avoid isolated areas".[67]

    In March 2013, a Swiss couple who were cycling from Orchha to Agra, decided to camp for a night in a village in Datia District. There they were physically assaulted by eight locals, robbed, the man was overpowered and tied up, while the 39-year-old woman was gang-raped in front of her husband at the village.[68][69] The Swiss government issued a travel advisory in 2013 about the "increasing numbers of rapes and other sexual offences" happening in India.[70]

  3. I found this slum tour thing insulting to people in third world countries. I'm embarrassed that my fellow Americans would take part in that. America has its own skid rows and shooting galleries and worse. You can sate your bourgeoisie superiority complex right here at home, and donate your airfares to Goodwill.

  4. not safe if the girl travel w/o a guy/ close friend accompany her in India. It is known that India is one of the countries in the world that are not safest for ladies traveling alone, & even their own kinds are victimized by there own people. But luckily India is one of good country to visit & if you're a hygiene conscious beware to what ypu might discover lolx 😂😂😂

  5. India is not just Mumbai and Delhi. Mumbai is not just slums and crowd. 50% of foreigners fail to see the holistic India. I am Indian and travelled and lived in countries. If I imagine myself as a foreigner looking at India, it appears as one crazy incredible country. Bet one of the best places to seek a lifetime adventure for anyone. Keep an open mind, travel smart and safe.


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