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Wanna be like The Bruce Lee, check out his nutrition and physical fitness plan.
Bruce Lee Nutrition and Fitness.
Bruce Lee was constantly experimenting on himself and seeing what worked for his body. There was cardio, weight training, martial techniques, teaching as training, nutrition from diet to supplements, meditation, and reading books. Often Bruce would be found doing several things at once, such as stretching and reading, using his time efficiently.

Bruce’s diet varied, but he consistently drank protein shakes and juices from their commercial grade juicer, an unusual household appliance in the 60’s. Bruce Lee explored many diets, including one with organ meats because of their high mineral content. He drank tea every day and put supplements into his tea such as ginseng and royal jelly. He would usually have 5 smaller meals a day, and Bruce expended so much energy daily that he didn’t have to watch what he ate. He was also a big proponent of getting enough sleep, getting 8hrs a night. Bruce enjoyed all kinds of food, but he didn’t smoke, drink alcohol, or drink coffee.

It was after Bruce’s big fight in Oakland that he started to explore fitness and nutrition in more detail. He started weight lifting, but disliked being bulky. Bruce began training for function over form to make his body strong, fast, and nimble. Bruce created and modified his own exercise equipment to target specific parts of his body. Bruce kept detailed daily planners where he wrote how many kicks, punches, crunches, or miles run he did each day. Stretching and meditation were also important parts of his fitness routine.

“Jogging is not only a form of exercise to me, it is also a form of relaxation. It’s my own hour, every morning, when I can be alone with my thoughts.”

“Meditation is a freeing of the mind from all motives.” Bruce’s philosophy about food is one we can all follow: “Eat what your body requires, and don’t get carried away with foods that don’t benefit you.” He was not extreme or rigid about food. He also did not believe in depriving yourself.

“Health is an appropriate balance of the coordination of all of what we are.”

While Bruce was experimenting with nutrition and fitness, he made sure he was in harmony with his body. Health is inline with the philosophy of self-actualization since you can listen to, cultivate, and balance your body.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bruce’s fitness and nutrition routines check out Bruce Lee: The Art of Expressing the Human Body.
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  1. It was joyfull watching this video ..Even though I have already read these things about him before…I know there are few grammer mistakes in this video ..But still I don't get it ..why there are so many dislikes !!?

  2. I train my body as a bruce lee.I learn many thing from Bruce lee.Thats why i am champion And wanna be grwat champion and do fliming.I play karate.I dont drink alcohol,no smokes,etc as Bruce.If any wanna see my video theN plz look at it.

  3. And some misinformed idiots think that Bruce was ONLY an actor not a martial artist. I keep telling them that he was much more than that. This video shows that he was more than both. He also majored in philosophy at Washington State. The information about Bruce Lee is out there. But the lazy trolls just prefer to look foolish.

  4. Basically, diet is mental, emotional and physical diet, internal and external. Optimum diet is based on water, as this is the nature of life, and three-fourths of the body, earth and universe, is hydrogen and oxygen. Nearly all foods that contain a majority of water (fruit, above ground vegetable, dairy) are alkaline forming in the assimilation. Those that aren't, (meat, fat/oil, sugar/carbohydrate, nuts) are acid forming. 75% alkaline and 25% acid relative to water and mineral in a body. Be water.

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