Gadgets – Unboxing The LG Signature OLED TV W – The Gadget Show


Craig Charles and the Gadget Show gang unbox the latest Signature OLED TV W from LG.
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  1. Be careful LG 4K OLED tvs suffer from burn-in/image retention. My two year old LG 4K OLED TV had to have its screen replaced, buy LG, due to screen burn-in only after 15 months. The replacement screen is now experiencing burn-in just after six months. Buy an LG 4K OLED TV at your own risk!

    LG Display also supplies panels to other companies including: Panasonic, Sony, Grundig, Philips, Metz, Loewe, Skyworth, Changhong, Haier, Konka & KTC.

    This is an independent company reviewing LG 4K OLED burn-in/image retention.

  2. I do not recommend. Poor after sales and shows no commitment to customers. I do not recommend buying an OLED55 that is not 04 months old and has already spoiled twice and in the last LG wants me to sign an AGREEMENT that I do not agree. 1) The TROCA process consists of offering the exchange of the defective product for a new or similar product. 2) AGREEMENT: Exchange for a model that is the same as or similar to my previous model, analyzed in the service through the Service Order No. ______________, which will be delivered at the address described above by an LG partner, not necessarily the reseller of the defective product. 3) I am aware that compliance with the agreement will be made after the defective product is collected at the above location, where it becomes the property of LG. If the device is not found to be defective, the agreement can not be complied with.
    Also aware that the invoice of the product will not include the company LG in the field of issuer, but it is an agreement made and fulfilled by said company through delivery by LG partner. 4) By means of this instrument of agreement, the parties will automatically give to each other the most complete, general, irrevocable and irrevocable discharge related to the above described product or fine of any nature, for any further postulate of LG under any title and time.


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