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    In 1989, hundreds of thousands of people flooded onto the streets of Beijing and into Tiananmen Square demanding democracy, freedom of speech and an end to corruption.

    After a seven week standoff, the government called in the troops and a bloody battle ensued.

    The number of deaths is not known. The Chinese Red Cross initially issued a statement saying that 2,600 people had been killed but rapidly retracted that. The Chinese government claimed that 241 people died, including 23 soldiers.

    Twenty years on, Al Jazeera speaks to some of those who took part in the world’s largest and most influential pro-democracy movement.

    Through their personal stories and the stories of others who witnessed this historic movement, It happened in Tiananmen Square recreates an era when a new generation of Chinese wanted to finally break from the shackles of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

    It happened in Tiananmen Square aired from Sunday, May 31, 2009.

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    1. After the MASSCAR, the entire Beijing population was gone.

      Don't trust your eyes, the Beijing now you can see was created by 3 demention technology.

      They are ghosts.

    2. No democracy in China. You charge the party you're going to die. Winner writes the history. You want your right? start making money. you have money you have the right works in the U.S too. simple question simple answer.

    3. new generation who learn English will continue to found out what had happen in tiananmen event ,who Don't down English and Don't down VPN will live all life in Chinese information the gov wanted to they learn .

    4. No they will forget what the CCP did to those poor people in China. They know and they will always remember what the dumbass CCP party did. We will make sure of that they know how corrupt they are!!!! Disgusting!!!

    5. In China you can’t watch, search or discuss any content about this event. All domestic information source blocked this topic as “political sensitive content “ and any further discussion on social media may result you in prison or just disappear to no where. That’s why China blocked the internet from the world , cos they don’t want their people to know any of this truth.

    6. Fake news and fake media, where is the video of what's happened next after that man standing infront of the tank??? where is the video of what happened after the tank into the square??? Watch the news from spain what they have covered, there was no one be killed by tank and firegun. but certainly they have used gas and chilli sauce.

    7. When ever I see this type of golden generation protest for corruption want to fight for the good. I cried in joy. This was the worst aftermath for something good that supposed to happen

    8. What happened in 1989 could not be treated as standalone case. It is the culmination of inflation, staggering corruption, lack of political reform and anti-elitism etc. Most importantly, the CIA-supported theory could not explain the high popularity of supporting this incident along the globe, considering the contemporary focus of the West is at USSR.

    9. a recent ‘report‘ from the former UK ambassador to China. This ambassador claims that more than 10,000 people were killed. But there is one catch: his ‘source’. It turns out to be a person who ‘was passing on information given him by a close friend who is currently a member of the State Council‘. Hmmm … anonymous third hand information is hardly reliable.

      But then I went searching, since I had earlier come across a piece that systematically debunked the whole account as what would now be called ‘fake news’. Let’s stay away from Chinese sources, for the sake of argument and see what turned up in corporate press locations traditionally hostile to China and the CPC.

      To begin with, Jay Matthews, who was a reporter for the Washington Post covering the events in 1989. In September/October of that year he penned a piece that already debunked the story. This was followed up by a CBS reporter, who indicates that by the time the army entered the square most students and protestors had already left, with the remainder leaving after a period of negotiations. The only gunfire was a burst that silenced the loudspeaker system. Then there were the wikileaks cables that showed yet again that there was no bloodshed in the square itself, although some deaths in other parts of Beijing. This one adds that most soldiers who entered the square did not actually carry guns.

      Perhaps the sharpest piece comes from Gregory Clark, a former Australian diplomat and Japanese resident. His article appeared first in the Japan Times (see also here), where he points out the first acts of violence were by protesters setting alight buses full of soldiers, with some charred corpses strung up from overpasses (he cites the suppression of photos of burning buses and of a charred corpse). And the famous image of ‘Tankman’ – well, this one was actually taken a day after the events as the tanks were moving away. The conclusion: not only did the troops and government act with considerable restraint, even without adequate training in crowd control at the time, but the very idea of a ‘massacre’ was the result of UK and US ‘black information’. Or what many would now call fake news.

    10. Excellent work People's Republic of China! Comrades, you safeguarded your Communist Motherland and saved the Great Revolution! Greetings from the People's Republic of Bangladesh!

    11. look at that man standing in front of that tank. he has more steel in his balls than is in the tank. shame on the chinese communist party and its supporters. chinese people are great and have an amazing history. they deserve freedom

    12. 1989 was a break out year that saw many protests world wide. In the States, students occupied old, low rent houses slated for demo for row houses and businesses. We heard in Holland and other places likewise. The push back was harsh.


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