Featured – Fully Featured Excel Gantt Chart – actual, planned & percentage completed


    In this video, learn how to create a more complete Gantt chart that not only shows percentage completed for each task and conditionally formats the progress bars but also allows you to compare actual project plan to planned project plan.

    Download the free Excel Gantt chart template and edit to your own needs: https://www.xelplus.com/quick-gantt-chart/

    If you want to make a quicker Gantt chart to visualize your project before you start, check out this video: https://youtu.be/QZd3iXcueaI

    Gantt chart is a great visualization tool for project planning. Use the template to define the start date for each task as well as the number of working days each task will take. We will use Excel’s Work day function to calculate the end date. This way we can account for weekends and holidays. We do two version. One for budget and one for actual. This allows us to switch the view of our gantt chart between actual and budget.

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    1. Hi Leila, great tutorial! Many thanks. I'm using Excel 2013. For some odd reason at min 6:51 I wasn't getting the same result, the chart came out odd every time. I've tried several options and eventually the only one that worked for me was to select the "Data Prep." table first and then the "Task" list. Many thanks.

    2. Hi Leila, I've used your Gantt chart and I find it great ! I have a question , can we introduce dependency between different tasks so task 3 can't start before task 1 and 2 have completed. then the next part is how we can do it visualy . I will welcome your suggestions.

    3. Dear Leila, can you integrate both “planned” and “Actual” Gantt charts in one overall chart (that is including the progress bars) just like MS Project does? In that way we wouldn’t need the drop-down menu.

    4. It is awesome, could you please help little more. I am facing problem with weekend. problem is weekend by default is saturday and sunday ; working days 5, but I need 6 working days only sunday is to be weekend.
      I hope you could understand what I mean.

    5. Thankyou so much..i been looking for this for a long time..could you help me figureout if we can show plan and actual in the same view, with same information as reflecting in actual..i couldn't figure it out..would appreciate an answer to the query please. You got amazing skills in excel


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